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Servicing and Maintenance

Our regular Service involves:

Check the water chemical balance to ensure they are at the optimum level

Vacuuming debris and brushing walls of pool

Checking all pool equipment, backwashing and rinsing filter

Cleaning cover

Repairs & Maintenace 

We repair and maintain all aspects of swimming pool equipment including pumps, filters, pipework, controls and all aspects of pool heating including Gas Boilers, Oil Heaters , Heat Pumps & Solar Heating.

We will advise on the best solutions and products available for your pool plant.

Pool Refurbishment

We undertake all aspects of pool refurbishment

*Automatic pool covers
*New liner installation
*New Coping stones
*Surrounding pool paving
*New pool equipment

Leak Detection

Leaks are one of the most frustrating problems for any pool owner and it is not always apparent were the leak is.

At a2z Pools we pressure test all the pipework for leaks.

All pool fittings are checked for issues.

If you have a liner pool then we need to check for tears or damage to the liner.